Current Projects & Commissioned Work

In this portfolio you will be able to find photographs from my latest photographic projects including commissioned work, specimen photography & marine ID guides. My latest project "Days at Sea" can also be found here.
Days at Sea portfolioEndless and in constant motion, this gallery is a celebration of the dynamic beauty of the oceans.Specimen Photography (Marine ID) portfolioThis gallery contains example specimen photographs of some of the marine animals found around British and UK coasts and in deep water (because that's where I do most of my research!). The gallery is very much a work in progress at the moment and contains images that I have produced both for personal use and for academic projects.
Photographs in this portfolio were commissioned by the Glasgow Science Festival for their 2015 event "From Creel to Meal". This event was a celebration of sustainable Scottish seafood, and these photographs were taken to document the journey seafood takes from the sea to your plate. Weekend Events (GSF) portfolioSome photographs taken over Glasgow Science Festival's Kelvingrove weekend and Science Sunday!