Marine Science and Conservation

Some images of marine research methods and technologies currently in use around the UK, including remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), water samplers, oceanographic sensors (CTD arrays) and research vessels.
HSC006: Beach Transect
HSC001: Sustainable fishing
HSC002: RV Celtic Explorer
HSC010: RRS James Cook
HSC013: James Cook Bridge
HSC025: JC Bridge Panorama
HSC031: JC Back Deck
HSC032: JC Back Deck
HSC033: JC Side Deck
HSC015: JC deck flare
HSC011: River Clyde Docks
HSC012: Clydeport Crane
HSC007: Multicorer
HSC003: CTD Array
HSC004: CTD recovery
HSC009: CTD Recovery
HCS021: Box core preparation
HSC030: Boxcore
HSC020: Box core recovery
HSC022: Long-term monitoring system
HSC024: Long-term monitoring system
HSC005: ROV Holland 1
HSC014: Fisheye ROV
HSC018: ROV deployment
HSC023: ROV recovery
HSC027: ROV panorama
HSC016: ROV deployment
HSC017: ROV & Lander
HSC019: ROV maintenance
HSC008: Working at Sea
HSC029: Photographing the sunset
HSC028: Watching the sunset
HSC026: Pressurised cups
HSC034: RRS Discovery Bows
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