Red Sea / Sinai Peninsula

Images taken while supervising on the Tropical Marine Ecology field course to Dahab, Egypt.
RS024: Raspberry seagrass
RS030: Upside-down jellyfish
RS008: Coral Wrasse
RS001: Anthias in Seafan
RS027: Snorkeller
RS014: Snorkelling in Ras Muhammad
RS002: Reef Anthias
RS003: Anthias
RS007: Reef flat
RS010: Squirrelfish
RS009: Crinoid
RS011: Fire Coral
RS012: Anthias in tree
RS015: Goby on brain coral
RS016: Humbug damselfish
RS017: Lionfish
RS018: Mangrove split
RS029: Cornetfish
RS019: Anemonefish in anemone
RS021: Porcupinefish
RS022: Pufferfish
RS025: Scorpionfish
RS026: Sergeant Majors
RS028: Diver & seafan
RS005: Canyon
RS006: The Canyon
RS031: Christmas tree worm
RS020: Not a Jellyfish
RS013: Ghost Crab
RS023: Bedouin Camp (Ras Muhammad)
RS004: Camels