This gallery contains images of seabirds found in Scotland throughout the year, including in-flight, portrait and behavioural photographs. These species are typically found in offshore or oceanic regions, and may only come to land for short periods of the year.

The bird families in this gallery include the auks, skuas, gulls, gannets and terns.

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Gannets portfolio A gallery of gannet action and portrait photographs, all taken around the Scottish coast. Auks portfolio A gallery of puffin, razorbill and guillemot photographs.
Gulls and Kittiwakes portfolio A gallery of gull, skua and shearwater images from around the UK. Shags and Cormorants portfolio A gallery of shag and cormorant photographs from around Scotland.
Fulmars portfolio Some photographs of Fulmars from around Scotland. Terns portfolio Images of terns from around Scotland.
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